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What is going on in the financial markets and in the economy in general?  While none of us may know for sure, it is enlightening to discuss the issues.  This is a dedicated comment and discussion page where you can freely start a discussion or post comments, and others may join in.  Scroll to comments below.


13 responses to “Comments & Discussion

  1. Hello…hello?.. LondonBanker? Giraf? PeteCA? Anyone? Where’d you all go? Here? I’ll keep looking. Please post here if somewhere else is the new spot. I don’t post too often, but sure do listen hard. Lot of good info, few trolls, real insights, no paid shills.

  2. It seems that it’s taking a while for the Roubini crew to find their way over here.

  3. Is it just a few locked out? Just me? Are THEY really out to get me? ;-0 Seriously, tho, should I try to re-register or is the professor’s blog pay access only?

  4. You can try and re-register for RGE = it may work. Many are gone from there but many still there. Regardless, this is an open alternative comment forum and should be used IMHO

  5. Should have said this is an additional forum for comment –

  6. I’m back into RGE. Still free registration needed.Some of his posts have just a teaser, with the meat in paid section, but comments open. Re-registering worked this time.

    Amy: Great writing here, bookmarked and read, but only a few comment threads get used. Doesn’t mean we don’t love you and read you. Still like the idea of a backup spot to connect if something does happen to RGE and will post to that effect over there.

  7. Because of the sharp downturn in the economy, and in order to increase consumer confidence, temporarily suspend the federal tax on gasoline until the end of the year. For 160 billion gallons/yr consumption, prorates to approximately 100B package. Make it so.

  8. hola
    I don’t agree with what you said really….
    please explain in detail a bit more for me 😀


  9. You guys wrote an articel about what Friedman would do in this crisis.

    Reason magazine, the premier libertarian paper, is saying that Friedman would have us do exactly what Bernanke has done – unleash trillions to stimulate inflation.

    I think you should link to it.

  10. seriously, that article needs to be linked to and the bernanke-friedman connection highlighted.

  11. There are some serious implications being lobbed here.

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