Kudos to Russ Winter for following the bouncing ball

An immediate must-read.


“Naturally I need to weigh on what is being called the biggest “bailout in history”. I do not believe that is what is going down at all. Instead the US Government is facilitating the greatest asset grab of securities since Alexander Hamilton’s agents and cronies picked off the continentals from the Rubes back in 1790. Hamilton’s associates (friends of Hamilton) did not pay anything close to par either, instead these Continentals went for enormous discounts. And Paulson’s new Leviathan hedge fund (the US Treasury) will end up paying deeply distressed prices as well. Therefore it is most important to follow the real bouncing ball on this, and not be fooled. This post is going to be my primary framework over the next several months, so any discussion with me or use of my ideas is meaningless unless you are aware of my thinking.”



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