US and UK begin wargames in Gulf

So the big naval buildup is engaging in joint war games.  Anyone’s guess how this will turn out.

From the Navy Times:  “The Navy says American, British and Bahraini ships are carrying out a five-day exercise to improve security in the Persian Gulf and better protect coalition ships against vessels “deemed threatening.”

The Navy statement released Wednesday by the Bahrain headquarters of the 5th Fleet says the exercise is dubbed “Goalkeeper.” It started Sunday and is led by Britain’s Royal Navy Commodore Peter Hudson.

Hudson is quoted as saying the maneuvers will help fine-tune skills such as “locating and tracking” vessels that threaten ships patrolling the Gulf and “handling command-and-control” operations during a potential confrontation.

Gulf waters and the narrow Strait of Hormuz have seen close encounters between U.S. and Iranian vessels.”

From Iranian press:  “Earlier in August, a large armada of US and European naval vessels were reportedly deployed to the Persian Gulf to reinforce the US strike force in the region.

The deployment took place following a military operation, which saw more than a dozen warships from the US, Britain and France conducting war games in the Atlantic Ocean.

The current statement by the Bahrain headquarters of the US 5th Fleet claims that the joint maneuvers are aimed at better protecting coalition ships against vessels ‘deemed threatening’.

This comes as the West has intensified its go-to-war rhetoric against Iran.”


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