Back to school nightmares: homeless students

Here’s a trend that nobody wants to see, yet it is real.  The number of students who are homeless is on the rise this school year.  In parts of Florida, there are significant numbers of school age children who will be going to school during the day but homeless at night.  According to this report  by Kate Santich in the Orlando Sentinel:

“Amid a foreclosure crisis and sour economy, the number of homeless families is growing. In Seminole County alone, more than 600 school-age children are expected to spend at least part of the year in motels, shelters or even tents in the woods, according to a new report. An additional 450 homeless children in the county are younger than 5, officials estimate.


‘The immensity of the homeless student population shocked all of us,’ said Beth Davalos, a social worker who helped deliver the results of a yearlong study of Seminole County’s family homelessness Wednesday. ‘After all, just a few years ago we had one of the highest income levels in the state.'”,0,4922435.story


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