Banking crisis – money IVs

No, we’re not out of the woods.  B&B in  the UK and now Lehman on Wall Street are showing that when the tide goes out, we see who’s swimming naked.  Simply put, it’s not a good sign when investment banks and banks have to use credit to survive.  As observed so well today, what goes up must come down harder:

“Lehman is in serious trouble on Wall Street. But that’s nothing compared to Bradford & Bingley in the UK, which may be wiped out in a matter of days. As you can see below, they were very close a few days ago. A bank run has been avoided so far because of an alleged government guarantee for every first £35.000 in deposits. What that is truly worth remains to be seen if bank failures come fast and furious in the UK.

That scenario is not that far out in left field; most large UK banks are caught up in rights issues. That over-supply means that to get any new capital, they’ll have to sell themselves dirt cheap. Which in turn will provoke enormous anger among shareholders. It could happen very soon. But yes, it’s still possible that Gordon Brown sells the future of his people to save the banking system.

Not that Lehman is looking good, mind you, they’re going “money intravenous” for the third time in a few months, and they lost over 50% of their values at the same time. If that trend doesn’t stop, there is no way out of failure or a fire-sale. And following tight on the Lehman heels, Wachovia is lined up for the emergency room, and perhaps the last rites. Or, you guessed it, a fire-sale.

People are often asking for “the” moment, and “the” writing on the wall. How about this: “Sales of [US] commercial properties were down 71 per cent in the first quarter compared with a year earlier.[..] Commercial property prices in the US in February saw their sharpest decline since records began nearly 15 years ago.”


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