Explaining the new American chic: frugality

The decade of bling is over in the USA.  Now it’s supposed to be cool to dump the SUV, dumpster dive and freecycle.  Having read reams of articles on this trend, I’ve selected the one I think is the best from the San Francisco Chronicle which is fairly long but required reading.  It does a good job of showing the macro and micro reasons for the changes, and showing exactly how the economics translate into real everyday life for many people.  Link to read full article:  frugalamerica

Here’s the chart:

Saving Borrowing
Cooking at home Eating out
Fixing the old car New car
Staying at home Foreign vacations
20 percent down No down payment
Debit cards Credit cards
Working past 65 Early retirement
Library Bookstore
Tap water Bottled water
BART Bay Bridge
Patching Remodeling
Public park Theme park
Eyeglasses Lasik surgery
Poker night Weekend in Vegas

Source: Chronicle research, BudgetSavvyMag.com


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