Concentration camp hit by scrap metal thieves

Scrap metal thieves are becoming increasingly audacious, with some even stealing from cemeteries and memorials. Now some 1,000 bronze plaques have gone missing from the former concentration camp at Theresienstadt. Semi-precious metal, as it happens, is everywhere. It can be found on church roofs; copper pipes run through many a house wall; and wiring is almost ubiquitous. Scrap metal thieves, though, have recently discovered a valuable new source of copper: Cemeteries and memorials.  This week, a particularly audacious bandit apparently made off with over 1,000 bronze plaques from the Holocaust memorial Theresienstadt just outside of Prague.

Jan Munk, director of the Theresienstadt memorial site, with one of the damaged monuments.

One response to “Concentration camp hit by scrap metal thieves

  1. Thats awful! Finding a company that offers affordable and quality bronze plaques was such a hassle for us when we wanted to create a memorial at our local park for my relative. We finally found a website that gave us awesome service and the plaque looked great too.

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