Surprising main stream editorial: Queue up for Depression-era soup line

 “Sometimes, and only rarely, markets discover that what they had believed to be a miracle cure was, in fact, a placebo. The crisis is so serious that there is little or no response to the easing of policy; in these circumstances panic is followed by capitulation. Seven months into the credit crunch, we have now arrived at the fork in the road.

As ever, the assumption is that the world economy will take the road to rapid recovery. History suggests that this is a reasonable assumption, since few slowdowns end in recession, and recessions that turn into slumps are once in a lifetime occurrences. It is a sign of how serious the current situation is that those who argue that there is a risk of a 1930s-style slump are no longer treated as stark, staring mad. Indeed, the argument in the US is not over whether there is going to be a recession, but how long and deep the recession will be.”  Read column (2/25 Guardian):  

Hunger line during 1930s    hungerline.jpg   “There’s no way like the American way.  World’s highest standard of living”



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