3 responses to “It’s painfully obvious

  1. Yes, as a matter of fact – it is obvious.
    The truth is that we’ve run out of options in America for how we can maintain our extravagant lifestyle.

    The sad fact is that most American households are now vitally dependent on two income earners – just to keep their heads above water. If just one person in a home loses their job for any extended period, it means bankruptcy and foreclosure. There are no personal savings left, and lines of credit are drying up fast.

    As US unemployment spikes upwards … this recession will become known as the Big Chill.

  2. Store Closings ( just a few) )- if our main economy (GDP) runs on the consumer well they are not consumin. They have little or no money or a REAL job and its all looking in the gutter from here. We reap what we sow, Vote Bush!(Did anyone really do that?) Great idea.This is only a few, but we are not in a Depression or resession or what ever sugar coated words they like to use. Who would really like to be the next President? Its a suckers race to win the lemon.

    * Movie Gallery closing another 400 stores
    * Charming Shoppes (CHRS) closing 150 stores and cutting expansion plans by 50%
    * Starbucks (SBUX) closing 100 stores and slowing expansion plans by 34%
    * Ann Taylor (ANN) shuttering 117 stores and slowing store growth
    * Boston Market evaluating its real estate opportunities
    * Buffet Holdings sorting out its underperformers
    * Sprint Nextel (S) closing 125 stores and 4,000 distribution points
    * Cost Plus World Market closing 18 stores
    * Liz Claiborne (LIZ) closing 54 Sigrid Olsen stores
    * New York & Company (NWY) axing the Jasmine Sola brand and its 32 stores
    * Ethan Allen (ETH) closing 12 stores
    * PacSun (PSUN) closing all of its 173 demo stores
    * Talbots (TLB) exiting its kids and men’s lines through closure of 78 stores
    * Rite Aid (RAD) exiting Nevada by closing 28 stores
    * Macy’s (M) closing nine stores
    * Krispy Kreme (KKD) expecting many franchisees to close stores
    * Kirkland’s Home (KIRK) likely closing 130 stores
    * CompUSA’s remaining 103 stores being disposed of
    * Rent-A-Center (RCII) closing 280 stores
    * Sofa Express closing 44 stores in bankruptcy
    * 84 Lumber closing 12 stores
    * Home Depot (HD) closings some call centers
    * Levitz Furniture disposing of 76 stores in bankruptcy
    * Pep Boys (PBY) closing 31 stores
    * Lifetime Brands (LCUT) closing 30 stores
    * Big A Drugs liquidating its 21 stores

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