Deja vu – Bernanke will prevent (cure?) deflation with a copy machine

Way back when he was “just” a Fed Governor, in 2002, Bernanke gave an amazing speech detailing what he would do to prevent or cure deflation.  I read him as saying that he doesn’t think the U.S. will go into deflation because our financial system (banks and household balance sheets) are so healthy (forget that now!).  The other reason he gives is that the Federal Reserve can itself prevent or cure deflation.  Bernanke gives a list of the steps he would take — and it looks as if he’s already several steps down on the list with the TAF auctions.  But never fear, as a bottom line Bernanke thinks we should all be comforted by the fact that if all else fails, he’s got a printing press (oops, a copy machine) to print lots of dollar bills and reinflate the economy. 

It’s true, and worth another close read:


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